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A quick-thinking, rummy-style, strategy card game for 2-6 players.

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RUMSKI is a quick-thinking, rummy-style strategy card game for 2 – 6 players.  Combining parts of old favorites, plus new twists, you’ll enjoy taking risks and setting a strategy to be the first to RUMSKI!

Each deck contains 70 cards, numbered 1 through 13 in five colored suits;  plus five Wild cards

A great game for anyone who enjoys classic card games, with a new flair.

Kickstarter Testimonials

  • “My family and I have been playing Rumski every day since receiving it.  We are big-time card players and are really enjoying the game.”  -Alan
  • “Just received mine in the UK. Thank you so much for exceptional customer service and for being such a great guy. I’m looking forward to playing a few rounds on our family games night on Friday. The quality and feel of the cards are great.”  -Andrew
  • “Played with my family today (Christmas 2020) and although I really just backed it because it seemed simple and very similar to other games I’ve played. After playing 3 consecutive 4-player games today I realized it’s much more complex and well balanced. The similarity to other games (Uno and Rummy/Rumikub) made it an easy transition. All 4 of us enjoyed the game very much so thank you for making it and offering it up!!!”  -Todd
  • “Got mine, played it, love it!”  -Brad

6 reviews for RUMSKI Deck

  1. Brad S

    Backed the Kickstarter campaign, got my deck, took it to my mom’s house for game night…it was a hit! Baby started gnawing on one of the cards, so I bought a replacement set and 2 more to give to others as a gift. The gameplay is like rummicub or gin rummy & uno. We now have a run in scoresheet we plan to maintain in perpetuity.

    My only reason for 4 stars is because the cards have no protective coating. Easy 5 stars if reviewing gameplay alone.

  2. HB

    If you like Uno or gin rummy or any version of what we call Black Queen, you’ll love Rumski. It’s family-friendly and easy to learn, but you can’t sleep through it and win – awesome for slightly competitive families looking to expand beyond the old standbys, or friend game nights as a card game that everyone can ACTUALLY learn to play quickly and well. Also, get the mat! There’s a particular rule that I always forget, but for whatever reason the mat makes it easier to remember.

  3. Mark

    This is a great game. I love that the deck is five suited because it can be used for so much more than just Rumski. Very versatile deck of cards.

  4. Fernando Paredes

    Amazing game and easy to learn! Played with a group of friends and had a blast! Definitely looking forward to next game night (:

  5. Jordan

    The game is a blast! Simple to learn and easy to teach to family and friends. Good mixture of strategy and luck. I bought several from the Kickstarter campaign and gave them out as Christmas gifts. They were a huge hit!

  6. Reilly

    Super fun to play with friends! You need to have a good strategy to be a great player but there’s a fair amount of luck involved which makes it fun and tosses it up. The games aren’t long and drawn out either which keeps it fun and fresh. The cards themselves are nice quality and have a cool design. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to add a new game to add to their collection.

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